Friday August 31: A hot afternoon Bar-B-Que at the bosses house and a bike loaded with clothes, gear, gps, radar detector and a 4 day ride plan, only part of which would inclde any freeway time.  When 2:30 rolled around my boss asked what I was still doing there.  That was all the impetus I needed to yank on my jacket, pants, gloves and helmet and fire the mistress up and depart for some solitude on two wheels and an open sky.


The back way out of San Ramon is, well almost as boring as leaving via the freeway. The ride over Vasco into Brentwood and the short ride down 4 to 162 up to Dixon was do-able.  I meandered around riding a little  on I-80 and eventually picked up CA-70 into Yuba City where I spent Friday night.


Saturday Sept 1: I'm already into a ride rhythm! Up early, a quick email check, absolutions, and get the bike packed and ready to go by 7:30. A few minutes later I was saying goodbye to Marysville and heading up 70 toward Quincy.  Lot's of tar snakes going up the hill but no problem. The sign for CA-89 caught me by surprise and I almost missed my turn off.  Lassen Volcanic National Park was just a short

ride ahead.  Riding through this park is always a thrill for me. The vista's and scenery change at every turn.


Eventually I made it to the North Entrance and stopped for go-juice for the mistress and some go-juice for me too.




















Next stop? The Lava Beds National Monument. The route was 44 back to 89 to 299 to 130 to the South Entrance Road.  That road should have a sign posted at it's beginning - "Dirt Bikes Only" as it was nothing but full of pot holes.



Finally made it to the visitor center and got my map and a little chat with the ranger had me exploring a cave or two before heading out of the park, past the Tule Lake National Wildlife preservation area and on to Klamath Falls for the second night out. 





As soon as the sun went down the Mosquito’s came out - I wasn't prepared,  and paid the price for my lack of planning with a couple of bites on my arms and hands. Dinner that night at Mister "B's" Steak and Chop House -  Good stuff!




Sunday Sept. 2: Up and out again at 7:30.  Heading North on the "Crater Lake Parkway" I soon connect with the OR-62 and breeze my way into the park by 9:00.







A quick stop at the visitor center gained me a map, guide and a little book about the park.  The rim drive is 33 miles long and takes about an hour to ride around it - if you don't stop - which is mpossible. The last time I was here it was quite cloudy and cold,  today was beautiful and clear -- still a bit chilly, but not cold.  The views were spectacular.
















By 11:30 I was ready to leave and head north toward Bend and then west to Reedsburg on the Coast.  Thanks to some of Pashnit’s best I was soon following the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway into Bend.  This is a beautiful section of highway that runs about 60 miles from the Crescent road cutoff past a number of lakes and Mt. Bachelor and into Bend.










I expected that the ride from Bend out to the coast to be quick and un-eventful.  Instead what I got was a nice ride down OR-136 or the Mackinzie River Highway.  I was un-prepared for the amount of traffic this highway was carrying,  not to mention the “Labor Day get awayers” that congested and slowed my Eastward Progress.  I finally made it into Reedsburg at 7:00 PM nearly 12 hours after leaving Klamath Falls.  The entire Southern Oregon Coast is dotted with state parks designed around the popular recreational activity of Dune Riding.  The parking lot at the Motel (and every motel around mine) was chock full of trucks towing trailers full of ATV’s and dune cycles.  Dinner included some clam chowder and a cobb salad.


Sunday Sept. 2: No site seeing was scheduled today other than stops along the way down to coast to snap a picture or two. I had hoped to catch the Elk grazing by the Ca. Oregon Border,  but it wasn’t meant to be.  The ride from Reedsburg to Legett was pretty, quiet, and smooth.  I picked up CA-1 in Legett and tackled that technical piece down to the coast where the temps were considerably cooler and views outstanding.  I pulled into Fort Bragg at 4:45 and checked into my motel.  I walked into town and had dinner that night in the bar at the brewery.


An Oregon Lighthouse - just south of Florence --->







Oregon Coast ---->




 Oregon Highway 101 ---->



California Highway 1 - where it descends from Leggit inland -->




California Coast --->






Highway 1 --->







Monday Sept. 3:  The challenge for this final days ride was to decide if I should head for home directly from Fort Bragg, or to take the leisurely ride down to coast and swing by Alice’s before heading home.  I opted for the the leisurely ride down 1.  It “was” a good idea at the time,  but in retrospect I have to ask myself “What was I thinking??” Everybody was out on Labor Day and heading either for the coast or down the coast or up the coast.  It took forever to get into and through Half Moon Bay and up 35.  I finally arrived at the corners about 3:00 only to find full parking lots and way too many people -  Home sounded very very good.  After 4 days on nothing but secondary highways it felt real nice to pick up the pace and ride the freeways into San Ramon.  A little over 1,700 miles for the 4 days out and about.


Here's the last of the pictures --->