Hi and welcome to our gallery.  We are working feverishly sorting, enhancing, and sizing the photos we took on our last trip.  Our last ride was up to Dunsmuir Ca. for a get together and a motorcycle "Scavanger Hunt"!  Great fun!

Be sure to visit the "Sub Albums" of the main gallery.  I've added album names to the sub albums to help you find the area that your might be looking for.

Double click the thumbnail to see the high resolution image,  or,  run a slideshow :-)  The slide shows are all set up to run with a blend transition with a 3 second interval.  You might need to click on the "show fullsized" option at the top of the screen to view the slideshow in full resolution.

Pictures found here have been optimized for display on a 1024 X 768 monitor. 

The Gallery contains photos of pretty much all of our major motorcycle rides the last three years - over 40 of them!  Take your time and browse away.  Comments are always welcome.

If you see something you would like a copy of at full - original resolution please email us and we'll see if we can't find it and sent it out to you. 

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Thanks !!  and Come back often.